Linux is an Operating System, which isn't that common for desktop machines, but is one of the most commonly used OSs for servers. It's free of charge, so you shall not have to pay any license costs as part of your hosting payments. Linux is additionally regarded as the most risk-free OS out there and thanks to the permissions that files have as well as the file types that can be run, virus files which can easily infect a normal computer system shall simply not be executed on a Linux-based web server. Moreover, the OS is free, so it could be altered with no restrictions, so that it will match the needs of the website hosting company and their customers. This suggests that unnecessary software packages can easily be removed to make the Operating system lighter and faster, which can directly contribute to significantly better server performance. Lots of Linux machines have the Apache web server set up on them, since this program is also absolutely free, fast and stable. It is the most widely used web server out there and is an element of the LAMP bundle that lots of script applications, such as WordPress and Joomla, require. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Shared Hosting

All the servers that are an integral part of our progressive cloud website hosting platform run Linux to be able to ensure their fast and secure functioning, that will subsequently contribute to superior overall website efficiency. This is valid for every single website that you host in a shared hosting account with us. Each and every part of the web hosting service (e-mails, databases, files) will be managed by its own group of machines, so just one type of processes will run on a certain machine, which will contribute to the amazing loading speed of your Internet sites even more. You can use HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python and any other web development language for your sites, since they all can run on a Linux server. We also use the Apache web server, because our experience over the years indicates that this is probably the ideal piece of software of its kind.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are created on a cutting-edge custom platform. A separate cluster of servers looks after each service - databases, e-mails, files, and so forth., and because we highly appreciate the benefits of a custom-made, secure and reliable Operating System, all of the web servers that comprise the clusters run Linux. The Operating system enables us to make the critical modifications, not to mention the raised speed, for the reason that only one type of process runs on the web server, contrary to the traditional website hosting platform offered by most companies where everything runs on one hosting server. Furthermore, we use the Apache web server as well. We've analyzed its capabilities over time, so we have confirmed that it will give us as a provider and you as a customer the desired speed and overall flexibility for the best achievable Internet site performance.